Issue #02

 Ares Issue 2 - Cover Ares Issue 2 - Casualties of War  Ares Issue 2 - Satellite View


  • “Casualties of War” by Torah Cottrill
  • “The Gordian Gnarl of Greed” by Erik Bundy
  • “Last Thursday” by Davian Aw
  • “Red Death” by Jack Wolcott
  • “The Secret Life of the Goldleaf Hotel” by Jonathan Balog
  • “Shaundra The Watcher” by Dusty Wallace
  • And the next installment of Kenneth Steven’s The Fall



  • Ares Article: “The Borderline of Possible” — the science behind the construction and utility of space elevators, and why they are so much better than space escalators
  • Ares Interview with Dino Andrade, professional voice actor and driving force behind
  • And a brand new, two-player boardgame: Invasive Species


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