What is Ares Magazine?

Ares Magazine is a magazine that combines a stand-alone, unique, playable board game in every issue with a collection of fiction. The focus is science fiction, but we aren’t zealots. We publish select other genres, including pulp adventure, fantasy, and alternative history.

What kinds of games will we publish?

Ares games must meet two criteria. Games must fit the format of the magazine and they must belong to one of our preferred genres.

In what format do you publish Ares Magazine?

We publish in four formats:

  • A printed full-size magazine with 80 pages of fiction and a stand-alone, playable board game.
  • A digital fiction magazine with no game. (Or advertising?)
  • A printed full-size magazine with 80 pages of fiction but no game. (Proposed)
  • The game alone, without the magazine. (Proposed)


Where is Ares Magazine available for purchase?

The print magazine with the game is available for purchase online at Amazon and in select comic book stores. The print magazine without the game is available for purchase online only. You can purchase and download the digital fiction magazine from iTunes and GooglePlay. If you only want to purchase the game, you can purchase it from our online store and select online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Are you taking submissions?

Please check our Submission Guidelines to see what we’re looking for right now.

Ares is the name of the Greek god of war. He is bold. He is brash. We want the magazine bearing his name to be bold and brash. We want to liberally salt every issue with stories involving danger, heroics, and intrigue. Action stories will be graded along our normal curve, but stories that are not well-characterized as adventure stories will be graded on a steeper curve. We will still publish more introspective stories, but only the finest of this latter group will make the cut.

Don’t let this dissuade you from sending in anything on our Preferred Genre list. Just be mindful that if it is rejected, that may have less to do with the quality of the fiction and more to do with our desired focus. And if you have some action-adventure pent up inside you, waiting for an opportunity to sneak out of your fingers onto your keyboard, now would be the time to look the other way and let it go. We’ll find the best home for it.

How do I submit a story, game or art?

See our Submission Guidelines.

How do I subscribe?

Visit our online store.

How do I keep up with the news about Ares?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter—we update there frequently. Also, you can keep checking back here.

Wasn’t there an Ares Magazine I read as a kid?

Unfortunately, if you remember that, you are as old as I am. Ares was a science-fiction and fantasy-oriented game magazine published in the early 1980s by a SPI, a popular game publisher at the time. It included game, movie, and book reviews, science and science-fiction articles, game mods, and a complete game in every issue.

The vision we hold is for an all-new Ares magazine, published bi-monthly, with 80 pages of fiction and a complete game in every issue.

If you remember the old magazine fondly, the new edition will retain the portion of the original formula that makes sense, but provide more content and higher production values. If you don’t remember the original edition . . . well, you still get all of the delicious nutrition, but without any of the nostalgia.

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