Issue #03

 Ares Issue 03 Cover Ares Issue 03 - Editorial Ares Issue 03 - Mr Pell


  • “Assuage” by Dr. JCG Geortz
  • “The Burning Man” by John Paul Davies
  • “Charismatic” by Therese Arkenberg
  • “Elm Shadow Lane” by Jay Sizemore
  • “Gone” by George Reilly
  • “The Harvest Man” by J.A. Haden
  • “Head or Heat” by Larry Hodges
  • “Mr. Pell” by Charlotte Malerich
  • “Piece de Resistance” by Annie Neugerbauer
  • And latest installment in The Fall by Kenneth Steven

Ares Issue 03 - Cyber Warfare Article Ares Issue 03 - Assuage Ares Issue 03 - Game, Born of Titans


  • “Cyber Warfare” by Richard Andres
  • Interview with Robert Gifford of Geek Chic
  • And a brand new boardgame, Born of Titans


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  2. What’s the status of this issue, #3?

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  4. The game ships separately for everyone. The big, bulk domestic shipment is the most complex, so we handle it first. No doubt the holidays will add a few days to the normally slow shipping for our overseas customers.


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  6. When will the game be shipping?

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