We want your contributions! An overview is below—but please review the Submission Guidelines page for more information, to ensure your submission is properly received and fairly evaluated. All accepted submissions are paid on publication.


Ares Magazine seeks quality fiction. If you write short stories in any of our preferred genres, we ask you to submit your best to our review team.

Please check the Submissions Guidelines to


We welcome cover and interior art. We can work with most media, but we are particular with respect to the subject matter. See the genre list below.

Game Designs

We will publish a unique game in every issue. Like everything else, game submissions should align with the genre list, below. The format for a game submission should approximate one counter/marker sheet, one map, and eight to sixteen pages of rules.


Here is our mighty list of genres (inclusive of subgenres) on which we wish to focus our efforts. You are welcome to push the boundaries of this list a bit.

  • Science Fiction
  • Alternative History
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mythology
  • Pulp Adventure

While we gladly accept submissions that are introspective, cerebral, and slower-paced, we give preferential treatment to submissions that are more kinetic.