Issue 2 is at press!

AresV1I2_cover_v1The second issue of Ares Magazine is at the print bureau! The issue includes seven speculative fiction stories (including the second installment in the ongoing novelette The Fall), an interview with voice actor Dino Andrade (World of Warcraft, Batman: Arkham Asylum), and an article exploring what it would take to build a space elevator by physicist Dr. Charles Adler (Wizards, Aliens, and Starships: Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction).

The counters for Invasive Species—the game included in this issue—have already completed printing and are sitting in our warehouse. This two-player game pits a ferocious creature, an apex-predator on its home world, against the crew of a the military scout ship, Quicksilver. The creature uses its speed and stealth to hunt the crew. As it consumes crew and supplies, it grows and evolves, gaining new and enhanced capabilities. The human crew has an array of strategies to stop the creature. They can research the alien’s kills to discover its weaknesses or just try to chase it down and kill it. However, a corpo-government agent may be on board to complicate the crews’ efforts. Playing time is 60-90 minutes.

So, when will this amazing package arrive in mailboxes? Hard experience has taught us not to promise dates that depend upon the performance promises of printers and shippers, but we will let you know as soon as all the components are in house and ready to go.

Pre-order the issue now at—and while you are there,consider our three-issue subscription package (including issue 2) for $78, which saves you $12 off the cover price.

Stay tuned for more inside looks at issue 2 and Invasive Species!

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