We’re Under Attack!

False alarm. It isn’t us. It’s the British…in the 1880’s.

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is a new game from Bill Banks’ and is scheduled to print as the in-magazine game for the premier issue of Ares Magazine.

War of the Worlds is a two-player game of the conquest of Earth and the survival of humanity! The military forces of Queen Victoria gather to repel an attack by the diabolical Martian forces under the command of the evil Martian overlord.


The Martians have huge, mechanical tripod walkers, flying saucers, death rays, missile bases, and giant monsters at their disposal. They can also elicit help from sympathetic (read gullible) human proxies.

Counter05WBG Counter04WBG

The humans rely on conventional infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and perhaps a hero, for their main defense. Fortunately, the human player may get assistance from a mad scientist who can field an Infernal Machine that the Martians won’t find amusing.


The Martians have a choice of five different victory conditions. Part of the challenge for the human player is to determine the Martian overlord’s true objectives so they can be best thwarted.

Play Time: 60 Minutes

Ages: 12 and Up

Solitaire Suitability: Low

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  1. Don, the challenge is that the martians have variable, secret victory conditions. A major thrust of play orbits around the martian player trying to conceal these victory conditions while the human player tries to discover them. That said, there are always possibilities. You have me thinking…

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