You Should Care What Other People Think. Some of Them Have Hammers…

In the interest of galactic peace and providing cool content, we have composed a new Interviews page on the Media menu.

The relationship between science fiction and its propensity to stimulate technological development is an idea that has been around awhile. But Yasser Bahjatt, an engineer in Saudi Arabia, takes that idea a step further.

In a 2012 Ted Talk and an interview on a blog of the American bimonthly magazine Foreign Policy, Bahjatt suggests there is a correlation between regions with high concentrations of research and development and those regions’ comparatively robust science fiction scenes. In his Ted Talk, Bahjatt says that if we want to advance science, we have to have a strong science fiction culture—a very intriguing idea.

We tracked him down and asked if he’d be willing to share a little more about his idea, his top selling science fiction novel and his role in eSports. Read the interview here.

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