Han Didn’t Shoot First

Han shot.

Greedo died.

Claiming “Han shot first” suggests that Greedo shot second.

He didn’t. He slumped face-first onto the table in front of him. Dead.

Han shot.

Get used to it.

Now that I have your attention, Ares Magazine Issue #1 is effectively sold out. If you want a copy, and as yet don’t have one, you’re going to have to buy one from one of the many fine online or brick-and-mortar vendors who carry it.

Greedo’s fingers were wiggly like rubber and ended in suckers.


Game Design Contest Reminder

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-any-chance-image6429881Four weeks and counting!

Take the next four weeks to finish and submit your design for our current design contest. The winner will receive $200 and the notoriety and publicity associated with winning the contest.

If we decide to publish your design in a future issue of Ares Magazine, we’ll throw an extra $1000. Otherwise, your design is yours to shop around or publish yourself.

Are we looking for any game design? Well, there are a few rules. Every submission should align with Ares’ preferred genres, like science fiction and fantasy. Oh, and we’re only taking submissions from female designers this time around. The idea is to see how the design themes and mechanics change if the ladies run loose.

The clock is ticking. Get your design in now!

Star Wars Beverages — No, Not a Drinking Game

SWAlcohol“Apparently, there exists a stout craft beer out of Connecticut named Imperial Stout Troopers, coming from Woodbridge’s New England Brewing Company. To be fair, it has been around since 2006, which goes to show how much we pay attention to craft brews. But, with Star Wars Episode VII in full production, this got us thinking: Just what will the fine folks of the Empire and the Rebellion be tossing back at the cantinas across the galaxy? We have it on good authority that several members of both the Empire and Rebellion will be lending their names to their own brands to appease their imbibing fans.”

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What? One Universe isn’t Enough?

Well, at least if you think this Universe isn’t big enough for the both of us, you have someplace to go.


“Could our massive universe be just one of many, like a bubble in a frothy stream of cosmos-spawning stuff? It sounds like something out of a 1970s British scifi novel, but it’s become a popular explanation for the origin of our universe. But how can we test this hypothesis, when we’re stuck in just one universe?”

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